Today we visited a Bangkok classic:  The Chatuchak Weekend Market.  It is the largest market in Thailand and the largest weekend market in the world.  In order to really appreciate different cultures, you must visit the local markets and Chatuchak is the king of them all.  It is hard to describe the Chatuchak experience.  Keep in mind that Bangkok is the hottest city in the world.  Imagine shopping in an open air market on the surface of the sun, surrounded by thousands of your closest friends.  The drink vendors in the market are literally keeping people alive in the heat.  But the students loved it they did their part to enrich the local vendors and artisans.

We all did our own thing in the afternoon.  We have a company visit in the morning.


Waiting for the skytrain to take us to the market.

IMG_0211 IMG_0209



Scenes from the market.  The guy on the bottom was really playing the banjo and playing it well.

That’s it!  See you tomorrow.