Tomorrow is our last day in Bangkok, and our last day on this trip.  It is a free day for everyone.  So it is fitting that we finished our official business today in a big way.  We started the day early at Poolcharoenwittayakom School, a high school on the outskirts of the city.  We were received like royalty, both gratifying and humbling at the same time.

We visited a local Buddhist temple after lunch, and then went on to visit Somboon Advance Technology.  Somboon makes automotive parts for the booming Thai auto industry, and they also sponsored our trip to the school and the temple.  Somboon has been incredibly generous to us in the two years we have been associated.  Thanks to Ms. Jiraporn and her colleagues for a truly great day.


This sign sums up our reception by the students, faculty and staff of Poolcharoenwittayakom School.


The school has a robust language program and we were greeted in at least 8 languages.


Ms. Jiraporn from Somboon Advance Technology, also welcoming us at the school.


100_3099 100_3100


The school takes environmental science to a practical level, creating environmentally friendly universal cleaner.  Rich, Scott, and Erin get in on the action.

100_3105 100_3110100_3108

The students also create what they call “eco-bombs” for cleaning the water.  It is a mixture of natural materials, dirt, and beneficial bacteria.  It is also a good excuse to play in the mud.

The video above shows the students singing a song about making the eco-bombs.

100_3115 100_3118100_3116 100_3119

We visited several of the classrooms and talked with the students.  Many of them were shy but more than a few were eager to talk with us.  The girl on my right is named Nuria, and she wants to be a movie star.  So I got her autograph and a picture with her so when she makes it big I can say I knew her in the beginning.

100_3121 100_3134 100_3139 100_3144 100_3153 100_3154 100_3152

We were treated to a Thai dancing demonstration, followed by some instruction in the proper form for the dance.

Click the video above to see the dance.


100_3158Mr. Witthichai Wantamart, the principal of the school, presents me with a commemorative plate as a parting gift.  And then Ben feels left out so we get a picture with him too.

100_3169 100_3168Saying goodbye at the temple.


Here we are in the plant at Somboon.  It was 40 degrees celcius today (104 F), and here we are in a plant where they forge molten steel into automobile axles.  See how we glisten? And don’t our smiles seem a little forced?

100_3174 100_3178

100_3181100_3183 Here we are planting trees again!  We planted three alstonia scholaris trees on the Somboon property.  The sap and bark of the tree have many medicinal uses.

That’s it!  We have a free day tomorrow but I’m sure I’ll manage some photos of the day.